Johnson County Pre-Company


What Is The Pre-Company?

The Johnson County Dance Pre-Company is a competitive dance program designed for dancers ages 4-9. It's a great way to explore the world of competitive dance with lower time commitments and costs. Perfect for intro/intermediate young dancers!

What Are the Commitments of Pre-Company?

Pre-Co dancers rehearse two hours a week and compete one group routine:

  • More hours can be added upon request
  • More routines are available to dancers who take more technique hours (if there are enough dancers to create a second/third routine)

Pre-Co dancers compete at TWO local competitions per season:

  • Competition dates and costs will be given at parent meeting
  • Competitions are subject to change upon directors digression

Pre-Co dancers will have various performance opportunities throughout the season:

  • Examples include local performances, charity events, collegiate basketball games, etc.

Pre-Co dancers may compete a solo or duet/trio with other Pre-Co dancers. 

What is the Cost of the Program?

Pre-Co dancers will have a monthly tuition fee of $150

  • Monthly tuition covers 1.5 hours of technique training in ballet, jazz, acro, and hip hop
  • Monthly tuition covers .5 hours of routine rehearsal per week

Competition prices vary and will be given at parent meeting

Costume prices vary and will be given at parent meeting

Pre-Co dancers are required to have JCDC practice attire

  • Practice attire includes JCDC bra top, JCDC tank top, and JCDC shorts
  • Price for practice attire is $105 
    • practice attire does not change year-to-year

Pre-Co dancers are required to have a custom (personalized) JCDC team jacket: $125

  • Team jacket does not change year-to-year

Pre-Co dancers will also be responsible for the following items throughout the season:

  • dance shoes
  • dance attire
  • tights
  • make up and team jewelry
    • full list and cost to be given at parent meeting

Any additional technique classes taken will be added to dancers monthly tuition

How Do I Become a Part of the Program?

Pre-Company is non-audition based- meaning you simply enroll your dancer in the Pre-Company class, attend our parent meeting, a sign your handbook/contract and you are a part of our award winning competitive dance program!

This program is designed for all dancers who want to experience the excitement of competitive dance. We believe in working hard and having lots of fun! Our team is more than a team, it's a family- and we'd love to add your family to it! 



email studio director Michelle for more information:

Johnson County Dance Center @johnsoncountydancecenter