Johnson County Pre Professional Dance Company


Designed for Dancers Who Want More

Our exclusive program is designed for competitive dancers who are looking to step into the professional dance world and want to explore everything it has to offer. Pre-Pro dancers must have elite technical skills and must be fully committed to the dance program. This program is a step up from the competitive dance company and helps prepare dancers for a professional career in the dance industry.

Elite Level Training

Pre-Pro dancers will be required to take a minimum of three hours of ballet training from an accredited ballet institute in Kansas City- on top of leaps and turns, acro, hip hop, etc classes at JCDC.

Pre-Pro dancers will work one-on-one with staff to develop skills necessary for the professional dance industry, including but not limited to:

  • development of a dance resume
  • development of video/audition reel
  • classes on important skills for the dance world such as injury prevention, interview work, public speaking, show production, goal setting, student choreography development, mental health awareness in dance, etc.
  • private lessons for specific technical skills and skill development

Pre-Pro dancers will explore various dance work/bookings in the KC and surrounding areas as opportunities arise

High Commitment Program

Our Pre-Pro Program requires a high level of commitment from dancers and their families. The program is highly competitive and requires dancers to attend multiple conventions and competitions within the dance season. 

Dancers are required to attend a minimum of three dance conventions- where they are to compete their solos and must attend all audition classes for their age group.

Pre-Pro dancers will have two solos in different dance styles which they must compete at each event they attend (unless on scholarship or second city of convention circuit). 

Pre-Pro dancers will attend one convention and two competitions with the JoCo Dance Co members- but they may attend additional competitions (non-convention events) to compete their solos without the full team in attendance.

Pre-Pro dancers will attend the same nationals as one of the JCDC dance programs (local or travel) but may attend another national if they qualify at regionals. 

Pre-Pro dancers will compete under their studio name for the full dance season, they are not permitted to compete as an independent while under contract. 

Associated Costs

Pre-Pro dancers will have the same general costs as the JoCo Dance Co members when it comes to the following items:

  • JCDC practice attire
  • JCDC personalized team jacket
  • Team bag/ studio spirit wear
  • Costuming (custom only)
  • Competition entry fees & Convention entry fees

Pre-Pro dancers are likely going to have to travel during the season, so additional costs like: hotel, gas, airfare, food, etc will be taken into account when considering the program.

Audition Information

Pre-Pro dancers will audition privately in front of a panel of judges and the studio director. They will be tested on technical skills, public speaking, and a one-minute ballet solo they must bring prepared for the audition (as well as music). 

Pre-Pro hopefuls and their parents will sit down with studio director prior to signing their contract and discuss everything the program entails before signing to the Pre-Professional Dance Company at JCDC for the 2020-2021 dance season.

I Am Interested in the Pre-Professional Program

Excellent! You will need to email the studio director to set up your dancers private audition and formal meeting with the studio director. Please email: 

We are excited you are considering JCDC for your pre-professional training!