Johnson County Dance Company

Johnson County Dance Company:

All Company Members are placed through an audition process. 

Pre-Audition Meeting Friday July 31st, 2020 | 6:30pm.

2020-2021 Company Auditions will take place Saturday August 8th, 2020.

Ages 8 & under: 9:00am - 10:00am

Ages 9 - 11:  10:00am - 12:00pm

Ages 12+:  12:30pm - 2:30pm

Audition Results to be posted online (Facebook, Instagram, Website).

Audition Attire: Black leotard, black dance shorts, and tan jazz shoes. Hair in low clean bun, stage makeup. Dance earrings and black hair piece optional. 

Company Required Skills:

Ages 4 - 9:

  • Double Pirouette on right, working left. Clean posse and proper arm placement.
  • Correct Kick technique, knees tight, pointed toes, chin lifted in alignment. 
  • Clean right and left side leap, pointed toes on chasse and leap, straight legs, chin up, strong arms properly placed.
  • Working turns in second, able to hold leg at 90 degrees in releve and plie.
  • Must have right or left split completely down, working towards center split.
  • Stage presence and performance, memory.

Ages 10 - 13:

  • Mastered all requirements listed above.
  • Triple Pirouette on right, working left. Clean posse and proper arm placement.
  • Turns in second, clean- leg at 90 and in true second position, strong arms- clean double, preferably triple. 
  • Right and left leg splits- working oversplits. Middle split preferred. 
  • Ability to focus during instructor led classes.
  • Develop the leg to at least 90 degrees with turned out, strong supporting leg

Ages 14+:

  • Mastered all requirements listed above.
  • Four pirouettes on right, clean posse and proper arm placement.
  • Turns in second clean, triple at the end.
  • Leaps technically correct
  • Ability to take and apply corrections and critiques
  • Ability to master choreo and execute with proper technique and emotion.
  • Teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication are required traits for company members ages 14 and up.

Company Member Commitments:

Johnson County Dance Company Members are REQUIRED to attend one-two local convention(s), two-three regional competitions, and one national competition per season. Dancers may choose to compete their optional routines (solo, duo, trio) at additional contests with permission from the director. 

Contest dates to be given at Parent/Dancer meeting.

Company Member Required Classes:

All members are REQUIRED to take the following classes during the competitive dance season: 

  • Ballet Technique   2 hours
    • *more hours strongly recommended* 
  • Contemporary/Lyrical  1 hour
  • Jazz     1 hour
  • Leaps & Turns   1 hour
  • Strength & Cardio   1 hour
    • Acro for Dancers (1 hour) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
    • Hip Hop (1 hour) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

Company Member Team Wear:

All members are required to have JCDC Warms Ups, Team Backpack, 2020-2021 Team Shirt, Team Dance Bra Top and Makeup Kits. Ordering of these items takes place at the Parent/Dancer meeting. Garment Bags/ Dream Duffels are recommended but not required.

Company Spirit and Sportsmanship Expectations:

At JCDC we are a team. We provide a home for those who love the competitive dance world and want to experience all that it has to offer in a safe and nurturing environment. You spend more time with your dance family than you do your real family at times, therefore JCDC will not tolerate bullying, disrespect towards teammates and staff, or laziness. Dancers must be fully committed to their team and teammates. 

Johnson County Dance Company Members must:

  • Display respect for their studio, their teachers, their teammates, and themselves at all times.
  • Make dance a priority and realize that it is their responsibility to know their choreography and make up for any missed classes. 
  • Realize that this is a team sport, and that they are an important part of the overall goal for the team- if they are not in class and/or fall behind they are not just hurting themselves, but the whole team. Team routines come first.
  • Have supporting and understanding families, who realize that dance is a commitment and something they love and who support them inside and outside of dance related activities.

Johnson County Dance Company Parents:

  • Company Parents are expected to be supportive, respectful, and encouraging at all times. 
  • JCDC will not tolerate parent gossip, disrespect, or misconduct- any of these behaviors will be grounds for dismissal of your child from the Company. 
  • JCDC Parents are encouraged to sit together at competition, get together outside of dance, and to form the friendships and family that create a fun and loving dance environment for their dancers.
  • Company Parents are not to discuss studio business with anyone outside of JCDC including but not limited to- choreography, class placement, costuming, competitions, and JCDC staff. 

The Original JCDC Competitive Dance Program!

The JoCo Dance Co is an audition based competition team for dancers ages 4-18. The team is comprised of intermediate/advanced/elite level dancers of all ages who enjoy being a part of a team and are committed to the competitive dance world and all it has to offer. Since 2018 we believe in working hard, and having a whole lot of FUN!

JoCo Dance Co Competitive Dance Team


Karley Kent, Aubrey Lopeman, Caroline Mirich, Harper Davis, Kayla Chen, Bryn Coker, Mia Enright, Katelyn Talley, Vivienne Ferrel, Hannah Nelson, Natalie Deaner, Emerson Talley